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About Us

Our mission is to make giving the perfect golf gift an easy thing to do. 

Golfers are notoriously picky about their equipment. This is why we designed and curated the absolute best golf accessories for our collection - to make giving the best golf gift easy.  Whether you are buying a gift for an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or just because you love the golfer in your life - we have done the hard work for you.  No more scouring massive online marketplaces and wondering about the quality of what you're buying.  No more crappy gift cards that are the ultimate admission of procrastination.  No more drab brown cardboard box.

Golf is a game that is as much about style and swagger as it is about puring shots and rolling home long putts. The Golf Gift Box was created to give those who love their golfers (but might not know a ton about golf and golf equipment) an easy, one stop shop to give a high-end, limited edition gift that is sure to resonate with the golfer in their life.

The Golf Gift Box is designed impress from the moment it is received in the mail.  Our packaging is thoughtfully planned and executed so that the gift leaves an impression of luxury and thoughtfulness from the very first moment that the unboxing process begins.  With each layer being opened, your golfer is sure to truly enjoy the experience - and that's before they get to show off their awesome new gear on the course!  

Giving gifts can be hard - that's why we started The Golf Gift Box - let us do the work for you and deliver an amazing gift that will dazzle even the hardest to impress golfer out there.